Lirik Complete me — Eizy

Girl I got my eyes on you

She walks along and

She talking her friend

She making some senses

I can’t take my eyes off of other

 Oh why…

Girl I got my eyes on you

She got a long hair

She makes me wanna stare

She make my heart beating

She just complete me at the moment

Oh why…


        Girl I got my eyes on you..

Girl I’m so crazy, you just complete me

Your smile and I can’t say anything this time


My coffee just fell, I can’t control my concentration just fine

It’s because of you, it’s hard to move my head

To left and to right   (shit)

And I’m like a jacson

I’m just wanna rock with you baby, all night..


Youre starring at me, and youre smilling at me

You change the situation

Now my boby’s frozen, cause when you moved you hand

You caught my attention

Don’t know you before, but now I see you a qween

Now you’re my addiction

imagine that you were my love

when you changed my vision


if you’re my wife, and I’m your husband

will be the best couple ever

just love you me, don’t tell me never

be together, for forever

I’m the king and must be qween

Keep the kingdong, and stay with me

Everyday  I bend my knee

And I hold you hand, I got love for thee.. uh..

Now I look into your eyes there’s  a rainbow

So many colour, and it make my heard glows

I hope you’re single now, so I’m not in a row

Let me start to knowing your name, so we can talk each other then

Baby if you wanna play game, make it happen cause i feel same… uh..


Now i gotta walking into you, but I feel a lil nervous

So I take a pen form my bag, and write down into the papers

I write words ‘’I love you”, write all of my numbers

I gotta give it to you, but you walks into the waiters

So I sit back and  take a long breath, then my head feels like headache

When I looked back into you, like blinded then I lost my track..ah..

I think that you got to go and I won’t mess this up

So I give the paper and you read it then you know what’s up

You was smilin’  then gone, I followed you

When you went back home

I think that you’ll meet someone,

And I see you’re stoppin’, and you check my phone

You call him and he is coming, you tell him to speak up

I hear what you sayin’ , finally you just and up


So I aks you why, and you just smile at me

Then you hold me slowly, take me away from here

Take me to somewhere, that I’ve never been

You show me scenery, I’ve never seen

After that you write something, but I keep starring at you

Then I look the paper you just write “me to”


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